Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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PCC sues Mandaluyong condo firm due to exclusive Internet deal

Condo firm Greenfield Corp. only allows its residents at Twin Oaks Place in Greenfield District to use the fixed-line Internet services of its subsidiary Leopard Connectivity.

NTC directs telcos, ISPs to submit business continuity plans

The business continuity plans, which are expected to be submitted on or before April 17, should contain the measures taken by telcos and ISPs to ensure uninterrupted service and to address the increased demand for ICT services.

In landmark ruling, PCC says condo firms can’t impose single Internet provider

Marking the closure of the first abuse of dominance case in the country, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has disallowed the exclusive deal between Urban Deca Homes and its in-house Internet service provider (ISP) “Fiber to Deca Homes”. The condo firm must also pay a fine of P27.11 million within 30 days.

Telcos to NTC: No minimum ‘Net standards for now, let’s measure speed privately

Telcos have proposed that only the averaged speed of the entire local ISP industry should be published by the NTC and not the individual speed of each operator.
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