Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Janette Toral

BLOG | Monetizing influence: The growing trend of affiliate marketing

In the evolving digital ecosystem, affiliate marketing has emerged as a strategic avenue for influencers to monetize their platforms while providing value to their audience.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Synergy and strategy: Niche influencer collaborations

The collaborative dynamics among Philippine digital influencers highlight a community eager to explore and leverage the synergies of partnership.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Influencers embracing AI, digital tools while preserving authenticity

The landscape of digital influencing in the Philippines is as dynamic as it is influential, with content creation, technology, and creativity at its core.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Digital access to rural PH: Connecting every island

Increasing digital literacy and awareness about the benefits of Internet access can stimulate demand and encourage wider adoption.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Are we ready for AI-aided cyberattacks?

Wilson Chua, founder of FutureGen International based in Singapore, believes that the future of e-government cybersecurity will likely involve more advanced AI-driven threat detection, increased reliance on blockchain for data integrity, and a growing emphasis on user-centric security.
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