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DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Influencers embracing AI, digital tools while preserving authenticity

The landscape of digital influencing in the Philippines is as dynamic as it is influential, with content creation, technology, and creativity at its core.

This January 2024, I started a comprehensive survey to shed light on the tools and strategies employed by Filipino digital influencers, providing key insights into their digital tools, challenges, and strategies. It is still ongoing but here are some of the initial findings.

These insights paint a vivid picture of their adaptability, technical proficiency, and commitment to authenticity amidst the rapid evolution of the digital realm.

Diverse tool utilization & challenges

A striking revelation from the survey is the varied use of digital tools in content creation, signifying the adaptability and technical proficiency of Filipino influencers.

The survey shows influencers utilize a combination of content management systems (42%), graphic design tools (59%), video editing software (56%), social media management tools (61%), and analytics and SEO tools (36%).

The challenges faced by respondents when using new digital tools or platforms are multifaceted and highlight the complexities of adapting to a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 67% noted the learning curve and time required to master new tools as a challenge, highlighting the significant effort needed to adapt to new technologies.

59% cited the cost or subscription fees as a challenge, indicating that the financial aspect of acquiring new digital tools is a significant barrier for a majority of influencers. 46% faced challenges in integrating new tools into their existing systems and processes, suggesting a need for seamless compatibility in new tool adoption.

38% encountered technical issues or bugs in new tools, emphasizing the need for reliable and well-supported technology solutions. 32% mentioned a lack of support or resources when transitioning to new tools, indicating a gap in user-friendly guidance and support systems.

These hurdles underscore the importance of user-friendly, cost-effective, and well-supported digital tools in the influencer ecosystem. Understanding these hurdles can help tool developers and service providers to tailor their offerings more effectively to meet the needs of digital influencers.

Adaptation to AI and ML technologies

The survey also indicates a significant inclination towards AI and ML technologies among influencers. 49% are somewhat familiar with using AI and ML in content creation, indicating they have some experience but may not be extensively using these technologies. 26% of are very familiar showing a high level of comfort and integration with these technologies.

40% believe that AI and ML will significantly enhance their content creation in 2024. This indicates a strong expectation that these technologies will play a major role in improving the quality and effectiveness of their content.

A majority find AI and ML integral in enhancing creativity and content quality, with 71% viewing it as crucial to their brand identity and content strategy. 31% are also using it frequently in their content creation process, indicating a high level of integration and reliance on these technologies.

Influencers are utilizing AI for tasks like writing and text generation (60%), image and video editing (37%), personalization of content (32%), search engine optimization (18%), and audience analytics (25%), suggesting keen interest in leveraging technology for content optimization.

Advantages of using AI and ML

The respondents of the survey believe the following are the biggest advantages of using AI and ML in content creation.

43% identify time efficiency and automation as the biggest advantage. This suggests that many influencers value the ability of AI and ML to streamline their content creation process, making it more efficient.

22% see enhanced creativity and the generation of new content ideas as the primary benefit. This reflects the belief that AI and ML can augment the creative process and offer fresh perspectives for content.

Challenges in content creation

The survey reveals several challenges faced by influencers. The need to constantly adapt to new technologies and trends is a major concern.

Balancing creativity with authenticity and maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence while managing personal life are other significant challenges.

AI impact on content creation and authenticity

Respondents are concerned about the impact of AI and ML on content creation. Authenticity emerges as a cornerstone of the content creation process: A whopping 71% of respondents emphasize it as a defining aspect of their brand, indicating a strong commitment to genuine and relatable content.

Perhaps, that is why 43% express concerns regarding how AI and ML might affect the authenticity and originality of content. This suggests a worry that the use of these technologies could lead to content that is less personal or unique.

41% believe that AI will have a mixed impact on the authenticity of digital content, suggesting that its effect will vary based on how it’s used. 37% indicate that balancing AI-generated content with a personal touch is a challenge. There’s difficulty in ensuring that AI-assisted content still feels authentic and personal.

To ensure authenticity in AI-assisted content, 48% infuse personal stories or experiences. 54% use the strategy of manually reviewing and modifying AI-generated content to maintain authenticity.


As Philippine digital influencers navigate the complex terrain of new technologies and authenticity, they continue to redefine the boundaries of digital content creation. The 2024 influencer landscape is marked by a blend of innovation, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to authenticity.

For brands and marketers, understanding these dynamics offers valuable insights into effective collaboration strategies in a digital world that is constantly in flux.

This journey of Filipino influencers is not just about embracing new tools but also about crafting a narrative that resonates with genuineness and personal touch, setting the stage for success in the digital age.


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