Monday, May 27, 2024
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DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Between expansion and caution: The PH manufacturing sector in Jan. 2024

Despite the challenges of demand fluctuation and the need for supply chain optimization, the manufacturing sector's resilience and strategic adjustments position it as a cornerstone of the Philippine economy.

Manufacturing has highest ransomware payment: report

The report said 66% of manufacturing and production organizations surveyed reported an increase in the complexity of cyber attacks.

Manufacture of computer, electronic, optical products in PH on the decline

DTI secretary Ramon Lopez noted that while the manufacturing sector was severely impacted by the pandemic in 2020, it is now leading the economy’s recovery from a recession.

AI could be tipping point in manufacturing battle between USA, China

Analyst firm ABI Research found that despite the nearly equal number of installed bases of AI-enabled end device in both markets, the United States has an edge over China due to its different incentives and approaches that encourage AI adoption in industrial manufacturing.

2018 will be a ‘good year’ for PH job market, says report

2018 is seen to be a "good year for the Philippine job market," with indications of increased hiring and job-hunting activities.
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