Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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online safety

With webtoons, Meta seeks to raise awareness of Pinoy teens on data privacy

With the goal of striking the right balance between giving parents the tools and resources for oversight and preserving their children’s privacy and autonomy, Meta Philippines has collaborated with National Privacy Commission (NPC) and the Child Rights Network (CRN) to deliver a webtoon series aimed at educating teens on how to protect their data and privacy online.

Google survey: More Pinoy parents proactively search for online safety info

Despite the optimism, three out of 10 parents still worry their children might not be sufficiently informed about online safety.

5 important things kids must learn before they go online

Kids need to know the truth about the online landscape.

5 digital spaces your kids should never check out alone

Parents have the power to make sure that kids aren?t harmed in any way when they explore the online world.
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