Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Seagate intros modular data architecture for data storage in PH

Storage firm Seagate Technology has announced the local availability of its Exos and Nytro Systems -- a revolutionary modular approach to building and deploying storage systems that solve the specific needs of public and private cloud providers, service providers, and traditional data centers.

Keepr Storage PH adopts ‘no contact’ protocol

App-based logistics and storage firm Keepr Storage PH said it has resumed operations using a strict no-contact policy that allows staff and essential personnel to safely interact with consumers.

First app-based storage solution debuts in PH

Keepr’s mobile app allows users to store and monitor their most possessions without having to leave the house.

Apacer unleashes A630 hard drive for harsh outdoor environment

It is enclosed in a shockproof protective rubber frame which has passed the US military-grade drop test and is IP55 certified for dustproof and waterproof functions, which means the AC630?can also resist falls of 1.22-meter height without losing data.

Storage firm Transcend bares industrial-grade SSD430 solid-state drive

The company has not announced the pricing yet, but hints that the SSD will come in 120GB and 240GB capacities.

Seagate ships world’s first 8TB hard disk drive

The 8TB hard disk drive increases system capacity using fewer components for increased system and staffing efficiencies while lowering power costs.
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