Saturday, March 2, 2024

Keepr Storage PH adopts ‘no contact’ protocol

App-based logistics and storage firm Keepr Storage PH said it has resumed operations using a strict no-contact policy that allows staff and essential personnel to safely interact with consumers.

“We as consumers value our health more than anything during these times. Having certain protocols in place has helped our business meet our customers’ demands and needs, without having to sacrifice our commitment to our clients,” said Anna Moncupa, founder of Keepr Storage PH.

“We are still able to deliver the same exceptional service. Already, we are seeing more and more businesses pivot to distance-enabled transactions, and we expect this to continue for quite a while, or at least until we have beaten the virus. I do hope that other businesses make it sustainable for both their employees and customers.”

Moncupa said her team at Keepr Storage PH practices no-contact transactions through the implementation of basic guidelines:

  • Placement of delivery items in a dedicated space accessible to Storage Specialists to ensure proper social distancing.
  • The use of in-house bins that are custom-designed to store and transport your possessions.
  • The use of facemasks and PPEs during pick-ups between customers and personnel.
  • The acquisition of the necessary permits from your local homeowner’s association or the building management.
  • Photographic documentation of your items before pick-up.

“Our current policies are not only centered on safety, it was structured with limited resources in mind. With limited public transportation, Metro Manila has minimal workforce available at the moment,” added Moncupa.

“Having these contactless procedures when offering moving and storage gives our customers cost-efficient alternatives without them having to look for more manpower. They are able to move their items and solve space issues without having to be physically present during the quarantine period. Our system allows our customers to do everything they need to do, all via mobile app or Web.”


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