Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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supreme court

Revised rules for electronic copies of SC-bound papers take effect June 1

The Supreme Court (SC) has approved the procedural rules that will govern the submission of all SC-bound papers and their annexes pursuant to the Efficient Use of Paper Rule.

SC reprimands La Union judge for posting ‘half-dressed’ body, tattoo photos on Facebook  

The Supreme Court (SC) has admonished a La Union regional trial court (RTC) judge “to be more circumspect in his professional and personal dealings in social media” for posting on his Facebook account photos showing him half-dressed and revealing his tattoos on his upper body.

SC warns court workers on ‘improper use of social media’

The Supreme Court (SC), through the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) on Friday, March 25, reminded court employees that the improper use of social media may result in administrative charges.

SC to pilot-test e-payment solution in 20 courts nationwide

The SC also approved the new procedural rules for first-level courts that allows notices to be served through mobile phone calls, SMS, or instant messaging software applications. Aside from Microsoft Teams, the rules also now allow the use of alternative platforms or instant messaging applications with video call features, under certain conditions.

SC chief underscores role of technology in administration of justice

Supreme Court (SC) chief justice Alexander G. Gesmundo said that “technology will play a very significant role in the administration of justice” during the Virtual Convention of the Philippine Trial Judges League Inc. (PTJLI) on Friday, Dec. 17.

SC chief leads launch of legal educ website, laments fixation on Bar exam

Supreme Court (SC) chief justice Alexander G. Gesmundo has criticized the excessive emphasis of law schools and the public in general on the Bar examinations, which he said is taking the focus away from competent legal practice.

SC intros online payment options for Bar exam fees

Bar applicants now also have the additional option to pay the Bar application fee online through the Landbank Link.Biz portal and the Judiciary ePayment Solutions.

SC launches online payment for small claims cases

All first-level courts nationwide can now accept payments for small claims through the Fortune Pay mobile app.

SC abandons ‘holistic test’ in trademark law with ruling on ‘Kolin’ issue

Emphasizing the adoption of the “Dominancy Test” and the abandonment of the “Holistic Test” in evaluating trademark resemblance, the Supreme Court (SC) vote unanimously to reject the “kolin” trademark application filed by Kolin Philippines International, Inc. (KPII) for its television and DVD players.

‘Digitized and localized’ Bar exams in Nov. marks first in PH history

As it prepares for the first “digitized and localized” Bar examinations in the country’s history, the SC has also prescribed the requirements for the laptop computers that examinees will be using.
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