Friday, March 1, 2024

SC warns court workers on ‘improper use of social media’

The Supreme Court (SC), through the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA), on Friday, March 25, reminded court employees that the improper use of social media may result in administrative charges.

The High Court said that judges and court personnel are covered by OCA Circular No. 173-2017, which provides penalties for the “improper sharing of photographs and status updates, posting of views, opinions, comments, uploading personal videos, and liking/reacting to posts in social networking platforms” such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

In a circular signed by newly appointed court administrator Raul Villanueva, the SC reiterated that “judges [and court personnel] must bear in mind that what they communicate – regardless of whether it is a personal matter or part of his or her judicial duties – creates and contributes to the people’s opinion not just of the judge [or court personnel but of the entire Judiciary of which he or she is a part.”

“This is especially true when the posts the judges [or court personnel] makes are viewable not only by his or her family and close friends, but by acquaintances and the general public,” it added.

“Accordingly, all concerned judges or court personnel nust conduct themselves in a way that would call into question the dignity of the Judiciary,” the SC said.  


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