Friday, September 22, 2023
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supreme court

SC chief highlights digital transformation of PH judiciary in Hawaii forum

Supreme Court (SC) chief justice Alexander Gesmundo, however, also mentioned the issues that Philippine courts are currently facing such as handling of digital evidence and challenges on jurisdiction in the digital realm.

Pinoy lawyers urged to use technology cautiously, responsibly

Supreme Court associate justice Rodil V. Zalameda cited a recent case in the United States where a group of lawyers were sanctioned for having submitted a legal brief which included fictitious case citations generated by the artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT.

SC penalizes 5 lawyers over homophobic Facebook posts

In penalizing the five lawyers, the Supreme Court said the right to privacy of lawyers is limited, especially when it comes to their social media accounts.

SC: Dismissed Lazada riders not independent contractors but regular employees

The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled that the riders who were hired as independent contractors in 2016 by e-commerce firm Lazada were illegally dismissed from their status as regular employees.

SC drafting rules allowing all court proceedings via videoconferencing

Supreme Court (SC) chief justice Alexander G. Gesmundo revealed on Friday, Sept. 9, that the high tribunal is currently working on the rules that will allow the conduct of all court proceedings through videoconferencing even after the end of the pandemic.

SC: Establishments must pay royalties for radio songs played via speakers

The Supreme Court held that a radio reception creates a performance separate from the broadcast, adding that the transmittal of radio music through loudspeakers to enhance profit is not analogous to fair use.

SC: In line with digital shift, Bar exams may be computerized permanently

Supreme Court associate justice Ramon Paul L. Hernando, chairperson of the 2023 Bar Examinations and chairperson of the court’s Committee on Bar Reforms, said the conduct of annual Bar Examinations may be digitized permanently in line with the SC’s digital shift.

SC: Photos, messages from FB Messenger admissible as evidence

The Supreme Court made the ruling as it sustained the conviction of a petitioner for violation of the Anti-Child Pornography Act, rejecting his claim that the chat thread presented as evidence against him should be excluded since the same was obtained in violation of his right to privacy.

Revised rules for electronic copies of SC-bound papers take effect June 1

The Supreme Court (SC) has approved the procedural rules that will govern the submission of all SC-bound papers and their annexes pursuant to the Efficient Use of Paper Rule.

SC reprimands La Union judge for posting ‘half-dressed’ body, tattoo photos on Facebook  

The Supreme Court (SC) has admonished a La Union regional trial court (RTC) judge “to be more circumspect in his professional and personal dealings in social media” for posting on his Facebook account photos showing him half-dressed and revealing his tattoos on his upper body.
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