Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Viber teams up with WHO to create chatbot for verified Covid-19 news

The chatbot, which comes in several languages, answers the most commonly asked questions about the pandemic, and gives users important and life-saving information.

PH gov’t urged to seek access to AI tools of WHO for Covid-19

A party-list lawmaker is urging the Philippine government to request for access to the artificial intelligence (AI) tools that the World Health Organization (WHO) is using to fight the novel coronavirus.

E-security firm warns Web users on ‘coronavirus’ phishing scam

According to Sophos, an email carrying the World Health Organization (WHO) logo has been circulating around, asking people to go through an attached document on safety measures regarding the spreading of coronavirus.

Twitter users in PH can get notifications in Filipino on #coronavirus

In addition, it is halting any auto-suggest results that are likely to direct individuals to non-credible content on Twitter.

Says WHO | Gaming addiction tagged as mental health condition

When does gaming get classified as an addiction?
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