Saturday, July 20, 2024
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work from home bill

With rise of telecommuting, Viber doubles max number of group call participants

Messaging app Viber recently doubled the number of people who could participate in group calls -- up to 10 people at once -- to help everyone stay connected despite the Covid-19 epidemic.

DICT says telcos must now step up with work-from-home law

With the adoption of a ?game-changing? labor policy through the passage of the Telecommuting Act, the government is urging telecommunication companies to level up their game to provide reliable Internet connection for workers.

Tech exec says work-from-home bill will increase number of freelancers in PH

The work-from-home-bill, also called the Telecommuting Act of 2017, enables companies to allow employees to work from home under mutually agreed work arrangements and similar labor standards.

House votes 239-0 to approve work-from-home bill

The House of Representatives, voting 239–0 and without abstention, approved on third and final reading House Bill 7402 which would allow an employee in the private sector to work from an alternative workplace with the use of telecommunication or computer technologies through a flexible work arrangement.
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