With rise of telecommuting, Viber doubles max number of group call participants

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Messaging app Viber recently doubled the number of people who could participate in group calls — up to 10 people at once — to help everyone stay connected despite the Covid-19 epidemic.

“We’re committed to finding more ways for people to connect in groups during this challenging time without having to be physically in the same place,” said Ofir Eyal, chief operating officer of Rakuten Viber.

“With more people working remotely, in response to the spread of the coronavirus, we want to do our part in order to ensure that people have a safe and secure environment to stay connected with loved ones and to be able to continue to do their jobs from wherever they are.”

Viber also supports file-sharing, allowing coworkers and business partners to send reports and presentations. Files up to 200MB can be directly shared within the app. For even bigger files, links can be shared to cloud services on Viber chat.

The desktop version of Viber also supports chats and calls, letting users meet co-workers and clients from their homes. It also has a screen-sharing feature, which lets users share what they’re doing on their computer screen to their contacts. This is useful when a user wants to watch a video together, or when they want to give them a quick tutorial of a work app.

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