?Freedom Summit? on online entrepreneurship set on March 30-31

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Freedom is what mastery in the digital space is about ? and it is accelerating from being a trend to becoming a lifestyle.

It?s been called a variety of names: digital nomadism, online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, etc. But basically it brings freedom to one?s lifestyle ? it literally means doing the work that you enjoy, promoting yourself and your skills as your own brand, determining your own income level and work hours — and travelling to as many countries as you like. All through the power of technology especially, the Internet.

The Freedom Summit speakers

This is no longer a dream but a reality for many digital marketers who have made a successful living out of this practice all over the world. Freedom Summit, spearheaded by Philippine-based Canadian national and ?daddy blogger? Ricky Shetty, will show Filipinos how to be part of this happy, productive and growing community in a two-day event from March 30-31, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Ground Up Coworking Space, Werco Arcade, Barangay San Antonio, Paranaque 1700 (next to Max?s Restaurant).

Ricky has shown more than 1,200 Filipinos how to achieve financial freedom, time freedom, and location independence. He will unveil more of his secrets along with his fellow Internet marketers in the summit.

International public speaking guru Mitch Carson is the summit director, and Filipina digital entrepreneur Celia Alamo-Jacob is the conference producer.

Participating in the Summit with Ricky, Mitch, and Celia are seven other online entrepreneurs and Internet marketers who relate how they have achieved success in this field and how they will impart their learnings to the Philippine audience.

They are as follows: Michelle Abraham, Myke Celis, Andrew Heng, Joan Kaylor, Dan McPherson, Croix Sather, and Sua Truong.

Some of the topics covered in the Summit include:

  • 10 Ways To Make Income Online As A Digital Nomad
  • How To Get Started As A Digital Nomad
  • How To Get Sponsored Sightseeing, Food, Accommodation, and Transport As A Digital Nomad Travel Blogger
  • How To Create A Life That Lets You Live Anywhere and Travel The World
  • How To Get Rich In Your Niche
  • How You Can Get Outside Your Comfort Zone And Succeed

For more details, click on http://freedomsummitglobal.com/philippines/

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