Users can now transfer money from GCash wallet to bank

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GCash is pushing the envelope further for its users as far as online banking transactions are concerned.

Recently, the mobile money service provider added the GCash “Bank Transfer” feature to its menu of services, allowing users to go for GCash-to-bank and bank-to-GCash transactions for free and in real time.

From offering fund transfer service between GCash wallets, the fintech platform has indeed moved into the world of bank facilities to level up the banking experience of its customers.

Powered by InstaPay which is an initiative of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, GCash Bank Transfer makes it possible for users to send, transfer, or deposit money to banks for free using GCash in less than three minutes via their smartphone.

With the speed, ease, and convenience afforded by this new feature, users don’t have to beat the traffic to go to the bank and line up for several minutes just to complete a transaction.

Whether they are sending money to a relative or friend, paying online sellers requiring bank deposits, or making fund transfers from their GCash wallet into their own bank account, the free online deposit scheme with GCash will simplify the process for them.

Adding to this convenience are the 37 bank partners which have signed up for GCash Bank Transfer. Among these are the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), BDO, Metrobank, Landbank, Security Bank, Unionbank, Philippine Veterans Bank, RCBC, and other leading institutions in the country.

Smaller and rural banks are also in the roster, including Sterling Bank of Asia, Sun Savings Bank, UCPB Savings Bank, Yuanta Savings Bank, Dungganon Bank, and Partner Rural Bank in Cotabato, among others.

A GCash user may transfer funds for free to any of these 37 banks and vice versa quickly and seamlessly just by providing his bank account name and number.

But first, a user should link his or her bank to GCash and Cash-In to GCash using his bank account to get started. Cash-In is the process of funding a GCash wallet.

Here’s how to do it:

Linking a Bank Account to GCash

  • Log in to the GCash app.
  • Go to Menu.
  • Select “My Accounts” and then select your bank.
  • Log in to your bank account. By doing this, you are signifying your agreement to the bank’s Terms and Conditions.
  • You will receive a message to inform you that your registration was successful.
  • You may begin cashing in to your GCash wallet.

To Cash In

  • Log in to the GCash app.
  • Select Cash-In.
  • Select the name of your bank to GCash, e.g. BPI to GCash (One may cash-in via BPI Mobile Banking, RCBC Mobile Banking, UnionBank Mobile Banking, and MasterCard/Visa debit cards found in the GCash App)
  • Enter the amount and your bank account name.
  • Confirm your transaction details and select “Confirm”.
  • Confirm your mobile number. Select “Send the Code”.
  • Enter your authentication code consisting of six digits. Then select “Submit”.
  • You will receive a message to inform you that your registration was successful. You will also receive an SMS confirming your Cash-In transaction.

After Cashing-In to GCash using his bank account, the user may now proceed with his GCash-to-bank and bank-to-GCash transactions and benefit from a wider range of banking options.

To use the GCash Bank Transfer service for GCash to bank transaction

  • Log in to the GCash app.
  • Select “Send Money”.
  • Next, select “Send Money to a Bank Account”.
  • Select the bank to which you will send the money. To do this, choose from the Dropdown Menu which lists the partner banks of GCash.
  • After choosing the bank, enter the Account Name, Account Number, amount that you will send, and other bank details. Then select “Next”.
  • Check the bank account details you have provided to make sure you gave the right information. Then select “Confirm”.
  • A confirmation message will appear. You will also receive an SMS with your transaction details.

By taking its vision a step further and bringing its users to the world of online banking, GCash has indeed pushed the envelope further.

Yet, contrary to what the word connotes, “push” as far as GCash is concerned, is not about forcing something to move forward. Rather, it is about going with the flow, or naturally taking that next step toward better things. In this case, these better things include a faster, easier, and more convenient banking experience for GCash customers for free.

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