SC puts podcast of Cybercrime oral arguments on its website

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Keeping up with the times, the Supreme Court (SC) has made the unprecedented move to put in its official website the audio recordings of the oral arguments on the Cybercrime Law it held this week.

UP College of Law professor Jesus ?JJ? Disini, one of the speakers during the oral discussion, first reported the uploading of the audio file in his Facebook account.

The podcast, which can be also downloaded to a media device, can found here.

One of the issues raised in the hearing was made by Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who noted that everything that is published ? whether print or online ? now can be subjected to libel since these are produced through electronic means, particularly through computers.

Carpio said the Cybercrime Law does not require an Internet connection in order for a document or publication to be made an object of a libel case.

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