Epson PH unveils 8 printers for commercial, industrial sectors

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As part of its mid-term growth strategy to 2015, Epson Philippines recently introduced in the country eight new printer models for the commercial and industrial sectors.

These encompass:

? Three signage printers: The Epson SureColor S series
? Three Computer Aided Design (CAD) printers: The Epson SureColor T series
? Digital dry photo lab printers: The Epson SureLab SL-D3000, which has Single Roll and Dual Roll models with auto media switching

The new printers, which were unveiled at the Solution Center of Epson Philippines office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, use the company?s proprietary Micro Piezo print head technology.

The Epson SureColor S Series -- S30670 model

Epson said its new offerings will give customers capabilities such as low cost, high speed, and high quality printing. Most importantly, the low heat involved in the operation of the Micro Piezo print head allows a wider range of ink types and substrates to be used compared to competing thermal-based technologies.

Epson President Minoru Usui, who was also the lead engineer of the team that developed Epson?s Micro Piezo technology in the early 90s said, ?Epson?s Micro Piezo technology is ideal for almost any industrial printing application. Therefore, it is my dream that one day, everything will be printed by Epson.?

New Epson SureColor S Series signage printers

Targeted for indoor and outdoor signage printing, the new Epson SureColor S Series takes over Epson?s Stylus Pro GS6000 as the commercial printing industry?s premier sign printing solution.

The key advantage of the SureColor S-series is the flexibility to choose between models that offer low cost, high speed, and high print quality (with the same 64-inch wide format).

They are also compatible with a wide range of applications as they can use different types of media. The Epson UltraChrome GS2 and GSX ink sets used by the Epson SureColor S series printers are a new generation of environment-friendly eco-solvent inks that are odorless, nickel-free, and need no special ventilation for curing.

The Epson SureColor T Series -- T3070 model

New Epson SureColor T Series technical/CAD printers

The Epson SureColor T series is the company?s first printer series that is specially designed for technical/Computer Aided Design (CAD) printing. This CAD printer series is ideal for customers who require high quality, high-value technical prints.

All Epson SureColor T Series printers have identical features that are optimized for technical printing needs, but come in a 24-inch, 36-inch, or 44-inch wide format — allowing users to choose the ideal size for their requirements and budget.

The Epson SureColor T series comes with a new Epson UltraChrome XD Ink, which was specifically developed for technical and CAD printing.

The Epson SureLab D3000

Epson SureLab D3000

Leveraging Epson’s prowess in large format photo and graphic arts printing as well as the company?s strong experience as an OEM digital photo dry lab maker, Epson has introduced its first photo dry lab system: the SureLab SL-D3000.

The SureLab SL-D3000 offers 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution, as well as print quality and color consistency comparable to Epson’s professional graphics printers.

The SureLab SL-D3000 features the new high performance Epson UltraChrome D6 6-color photo dye ink set which achieves a wide color gamut that exceeds traditional silver halide prints, yielding vivid and lifelike printouts with excellent black density.

The Epson SureLab D3000 is available in two models to accommodate choices in paper handling. The Epson SureLab Single Roll handles one preferred media at a time, while the Epson SureLab Double Roll model can have two rolls of preferred media at the same time.

Epson Philippines Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka pointed out that global technologies will help provide the tools for Filipino businesses to elevate the standards of printing.

?The products we are unveiling today will be of great benefit for indoor and outdoor signage printing, fine art professionals, CAD users including architects, engineers and GIS professionals, commercial printers, photo printing professionals, and professional photographers.?

Tanaka also expressed confidence in the growth potential of the commercial and industrial sectors in the Philippines, as he projected sales growth for Epson from these areas.

?We believe that with these new products and other Epson C&I products in the pipeline, we will have the momentum to aggressively extend our commercial & industrial printing growth,? concluded Tanaka.

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