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Online auction and gaming site debuts in PH

Gamers.PH, an online auction and shopping website for gamers, was officially announced in the Philippines on Monday, July 15, with its proponents boldly predicting that it will take online bidding and game-shopping in the country to a whole new level.

Angeline Tham, one of the founders of Soldgers, the developer of Gamers.PH

The site will go live and fully operational on Thursday, July 18.

The site was developed together with Soldgers, a Singapore-based provider of e-commerce platforms and the company behind, an entertainment shopping site in Singapore.

?We are excited to launch Gamers.PH in the country,? said Angeline Tham, one of the founders of Soldgers. ?The site is run by gamers, so we know by heart what each kind of gamer looks for. From the hottest game releases, to the best deals, competitive gaming equipment and bundles?it?s definitely a shopping haven for gamers.?

Tham said Gamers.PH features an online auction system, where shoppers can engage in a bidding war for the latest game titles, gaming gear, and equipment at almost 80 percent off the retail price.

?New games pop up all the time and titles fresh off the shelves don?t usually sell cheap. Gamers.PH helps make it possible for these new titles to sell at 50 to 80 percent off the retail price by just participating in the bidding,? Tham said. ?And that?s where the fun starts.?

Boni Ong, VP for sales and distribution at X-Play Online Games, X-Play will be one of the key suppliers for Gamers.PH.

?Gamers.PH provides a whole new venue for online auction and shopping. Given how competitive Filipinos can be, we can?t wait to see how they will engage in the online bidding for the best titles and gaming gears,? he said.

Unlike in traditional online auctions, the bid price is 100 percent determined by the bidder. They are required to have ?tokens? to bid, which is priced at P10.00 and can be purchased at the My Page section of the site.

?Registration is fast, simple and free ? no credit card information is required. You can get 20 tokens free when you register during the pre-launch period, and a chance to win the Extreme Gamers Package,? said Tham. ?After the launch, you can get 10 free tokens upon registration until end of August 2013.?

All auctions start at P0.00, and will increase by 15 cents when someone enters a bid, with the auction timer to increase by up to 20 seconds.

When the timer reaches zero (0) and the auction closes, the last successful bidder wins the right to buy the product at the final auction price, which usually ends between 60-98 percent off the retail price.

Delivery of items will run from 3 to 5 days if within Metro Manila; and 5 to 7 days outside of Metro Manila. Modes of payment can be through GCash, SmartMoney, Debit (Bancnet), PayPal, COD and Over-the-counter. It offers free delivery nationwide.

As Gamers.PH goes live, the site is urging gamers to pre-register at to get a chance to bring home an Extreme Gamers Package, which includes a Sony LED 32? TV with Home Theater System; Sony PlayStation 3 Slim; two (2) Sony Dual Shock Controllers; and three (3) PS3 Collectors? Edition Games: NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition, Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition, and Last of Us Survival Edition.

Pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto V at Gamers.PH will also get the patron a free poster, access to the Atomic Blimp, and free delivery of the game on the very day it launches — September 17.


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