Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Asean, Japan agree to enhance cooperation on cybersecurity

Asean member-countries and Japan have vowed to enhance the cybersecurity cooperation among them, saying cybersecurity has a crucial role to play in promoting economic activities and strengthening connectivity in the region.

The accord was reached during the ministerial meeting held last Sept. 13 in Tokyo. Department of Science and Technology secretary Mario G. Montejo represented the Philippines in the confab.

DOST sec. Mario Montejo (4th from right) is seen beside Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe (3rd from left) during the ministerial meeting of Asean member states and Japan

The agreement urged senior ICT officials to promote joint efforts further in the following areas:

1. Creating a secure business environment

? Encouraging public and private entities to enhance the level of cybersecurity through referencing best practices such as Information Security Management System (ISMS);

? Promoting cooperation and collaboration among relevant ministries and agencies such as Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) of Asean member-states and Japan through initiatives like Internet Traffic Monitoring Data Sharing Project (TSUBAME Project);

2. Building a secure information and communication network

? Enhancing network security through activities such as information exchanges on anti-botnet and anti-spam measures;

? Enhancing technical cooperation for security through activities such as Japan-Asean Security Partnership (JASPER) composed of the Proactive Response Against Cyber-attacks Through International Collaborative Exchange (PRACTICE) project and infection alerting;

? Promoting the exchange of technical expertise such as cooperation among Internet Service Providers (ISPs) facilitated by relevant authorities of the Asean member-states and Japan and exchange of researchers;

3. Enhancing capacity for cybersecurity

? Promoting cooperation in the areas of cybersecurity strategies including critical infrastructure protection, public-private partnership, business continuity plans for ICT, protection of vulnerable groups online especially children, cloud computing security, and smartphone security;

? Fostering human resource development through activities such as Asean-Japan Cybersecurity Capacity-Building Initiatives;

? Establishing a mechanism for Asean member-states and Japan to enable information sharing, and quick responses to cyber incidents through activities such as cyber exercises;

? Promoting joint awareness raising activities among Asean member-states and Japan.


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