Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Fujifilm takes bold shot at PH market with new ‘film’ camera

Fujifilm released on Friday, Sept. 20, its new instant photo film-based camera — the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic — taking an audacious shot at the Philippine market where most, if not all, are already using digital camera.

Japanese executives from Fujifilm Philippines show off the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic during a product launch in Quezon City

The Mini 90 Neo Classic, which produces instant photos similar to the Polaroid film cameras, comes in a two-tone retro-look design.

While the model has a mid-ranged price of P8,980, Fujifilm is not expected to profit from the sales of the units but on the film cartridges which it sells for roughly P500 apiece.

Among camera’s features are double exposure, bulb exposure, flash adjustment, built-in macro mode, party mode, kids mode, landscape mode, self-timer mode, flash on/off, and two shutter release buttons.

By selecting double exposure mode and pressing the shutter button twice, one can superimpose two different images in one frame to create an artistic photo.

In bulb exposure mode, the shutter remains open (up to 10 seconds) while the shutter button is depressed, enabling photo capture that shows attractive night views and light streaks.

Meanwhile, the high performance flash emits the ideal amount of the light finely adjusted for the distance to the subject and ambient brightness. It helps to optimize the exposure.

The party mode, on the other hand, enables the background as well as the subject to be captured brightly.
The kids mode is recommended for capturing fast-moving subjects like children and animals, while the landscape mode is best suited to target a distant subject. From the newly equipped macro mode, it lets one enjoy close-up photography (from 30cm to 60cm).

Finally, with brightness control, one can add a low-key or high-key effect by controlling the brightness of photos.


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