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After bagging PLDT, US cloud provider eyeing more PH clients in 2014

By Tom Noda

US enterprise cloud provider Spoken Communications is seeking to gain more local customers in 2014 after successfully providing dominant PLDT with its first cloud-based call center technology in the Philippines last year.

Dexter Tan, country manager of Spoken Communications, discusses the company's plans with's Tom Noda
Dexter Tan, country manager of Spoken Communications, discusses the company’s plans with’s Tom Noda

Dexter Tan, country manager of Spoken in the Philippines, told that the company ? through PLDT ? is seeking to deploy its cloud-based technology in call centers of big retail shops and fast-food chains in the country.

Tan, a former executive of Cisco Systems and Avaya Philippines, said PLDT and Spoken stand to gain a windfall if retail shops and food chains would move their call center operations to the cloud.

There?s a huge benefit for this shift, he said, since moving into the cloud would allow a company to treat its capex (capital expenditure) as an opex (operating expenditure).

PLDT recently picked Spoken?s cloud-based call center technology to power its Call-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solution to provide a full-featured suite of telecommunications applications.

?While some of our competitors claim they also have cloud solutions, our product is different because we can do full Avaya integrations. And that?s the key differentiator and we?re the only one that does a pay-per-minute application,? Tan said.

The executive stressed its cloud-based technology has game-changing features such as Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), end-to-end call recording, screen capture, disaster recovery and performance management, live call monitoring, call data visualization and agent evaluations, among others.

He said the solution is also equipped with Secure IVR for banking transactions like payments being made via credit cards.

?When a caller mentions his or her credit card numbers, the agents will not hear the numbers. Only the systems will record it. That?s PCI-compliant to address safety and fraud issues,? Tan said.

Tan noted future local customers will be charged lesser than foreign clients since they won?t incur international connections fee.


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