Friday, June 14, 2024

Looking for service providers? PH start-up has a way to find them

A local start-up created by an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) recently launched an online service marketplace to enable consumers to find and book appointments with Philippine-based service providers.


eSerbisyo, according to its developer, goes beyond conventional local search attempts as it allows consumers to receive price quotes and schedule online appointments from local service businesses and individuals.

The start-up is a brainchild of Ian Strauss Mendoza, a Filipino tech executive based in Singapore, who launched the beta test phase of the site in late October 2013 under the project name Metrobookers, focusing initially on Metro Manila.

Mendoza says the website employs the newest technology in determining the best service providers in the area for a specific job.

?One of the things that set eSerbisyo apart is the complex algorithms that quickly match consumers? service needs to local providers who are best qualified for the job,? he explains.

eSerbisyo, he says, only notifies service providers available at the time and place requested, enabling consumers to specify exactly when and where a service should take place.

Mendoza says consumers currently spend a lot of time and money on phone bills by going to online classified ads, listings, newspapers, and calling the service providers one by one, just to find a service provider.

“At, we enable the consumers to easily find services in just 3 simple steps — submit inquiry, receive quotes and choose the business,? he explains.

The site also helps consumers get the services for the lowest cost as service providers compete by submitting their best price quotes, Mendoza adds.

?We?ve tried hard to put the purchasing power back in the hands of the Filipino consumers by allowing them to find and schedule services without even picking up the phone. They know they?re getting a great deal from qualified service providers, and the service will be done at the time and place they need,? he says.

The online marketplace also brings value to local service providers since they receive job leads from local customers precisely when potential customers need a service performed, notes Mendoza.

Service providers, he stresses, are not charged to receive job leads or submit price quotes. Instead, there is only a small percentage paid as commission when they win a job through eSerbisyo, he says.

Once a service is completed, the consumer will be able to provide a rating or feedback to the service provider, Mendoza adds.

?This is really a game-changing way to market your services. Rather than putting money at risk with advertising, service providers can register for free at eSerbisyo and start receiving leads.

?They only pay a small commission if they win the job and earn money for the services they perform. If the customer is satisfied, they can also get excellent rating which can serve as a portfolio to positively increase their reputation as a service provider,? Mendoza enthuses.

While initially focused on serving consumers and service providers in Metro Manila, Mendoza says eSerbisyo ?will slowly expand nationally and internationally in the future.?


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