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Taguig installs CCTV cameras in schools to curb bullying

The Taguig city government has completed the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in all of the city?s public schools to strengthen its anti-bullying campaign.

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The CCTVs, whose installation started last year, will complement the existing Students? Anti-Bullying Action Center (Sabac), one of pillars of the Department of Education and the city government?s program against bullying in schools.

?With the completion of the CCTV camera installation, we expect to deter the bullying situation in schools,? Taguig mayor Lani Cayetano said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Cayetano added that the Sabac, which takes the form of an information desk to be run and manned by students everyday, will provide a more comfortable venue for pupils to come out in the open before their problems with so-called bullies get any worse.

?We aim to have a ?student-friendly? environment in our public schools. With the Sabac and CCTV in place, bullies will be wary of their actions and at the same time, victims will no longer have that fear of going to school,? said Mayor Lani.

According to Dr. George Tizon, DepEd Taguig-Pateros administrator, children tend not to reveal or share their bullying problem to their parents or even teachers for fear of getting reprimanded.

Taguig?s anti-bullying campaign aims to change this by also urging witnesses of bullying among students to report an incident on the behalf of the victim, which could be their friend.

The program also provides an opportunity to determine whether the students have any problems at home that contribute to their attitude in school.

The CCTV cameras and anti-bullying desks are tools not only to know the gravity of bullying in schools but also to prevent it, the city government said.


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