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Major patch for Phantasy Star Online 2 intros new content, characters

Strings of new game content and features have been added to Phantasy Star Online 2 in a major patch that Asiasoft Corporation launched on September 4.

New story chapters, quests, and maps were added to the massively multiplayer action online role-playing game (MMORPG) for players in Southeast Asia.

phantasy star

One of the key updates to the Japanese free-to-play game is the early access to Dark Falz, the final boss in the first episode of the game.

In the latest update, players can immerse in an action-packed 12-person alliance to a face-off against Falz Arms and Dark Falz Elder, one of the classic in-game bosses for the sci-fi franchise.

More game features have also been put in place for advanced players. Some of these features include increased level caps for main class and subclass, Sudden Death ranking system and the new game difficulty, Very Hard Mode, which allows players to tackle tougher monsters and yield rarer items.

Other game updates include ten-star weaponry from the in-game Pyroxene shop and rewards for AC Scratch completions.

Players may choose to top-up their in-game currency with Asiasoft @Cash and Level Up prepaid card or E-pins available nationwide. Players who last logged into Phantasy Star Online 2 before August 1 will receive a welcome pack when they re-enter the game.

The welcome pack will be available till October 3, 2014 and it includes

  • Gold Scratch (x1)
  • 3 Days of Quarter Use (x2)
  • 1000 FUN Ticket (x1)
  • EXP Earned +50% (x3)
  • Rare Item Drop Rate +50% (x3)
  • Upgrade Success Rate +5% (x2)
  • Half Revival Kit (x1)


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