Thursday, June 20, 2024

Online game Strife launches open beta worldwide

By Chloe Cabrera

S2 Games’s new second-generation free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (Moba) Strife officially launched its open beta phase across all servers globally on Friday, August 29.

Strife?s Philippine publisher, Level Up Games, headed the local launch at the Imperium eSports and Gaming bar in Ortigas ? with simultaneous launch events happening in Singapore and Thailand ? 12 hours ahead of the Western announcement.


Besides Strife?s standard multiplayer gameplay, the open beta will also introduce Strifes single player campaign ?Child of the Dawn,? which tells the story of the hero, Bastion, and delves more into the game?s lore.

Other new features launching with Strife?s open beta include a partnership with communication platform, Curse Voice and an official companion application players can use on the go ? which were announced by S2 Games Friday at PAX Prime.

The application, which is now available on iTunes and Google Play, allows users to check player statistics, craft items, earn resources, and find information on all of Strife?s heroes, pets, and gear sets.

Curse Voice, on the other hand, fully integrates with Strifes game client, allowing the easy sharing of voice sessions and improved communication among teammates in-game.

Strife also boasts two major tweaks to the standard Moba formula that reduce toxicity among players ? one being the gold sharing mechanic within teams, which eradicates the need to fight one?s teammates for the last hit on a kill.

Another major tweak is S2 Games creation of less specific hero roles, enabling players to be more flexible in experimenting with hero builds and customizing heroes to suit individual play styles.

Coupled with the games out-of-combat regeneration mechanic, automatic skill leveling, item purchase presets, unattackable item couriers, and choose hero before queueing system, these tweaks allow players to focus more on action and gameplay instead of fighting amongst one another in-game.

?Anti-toxicity is one of the basic building blocks of Strife,? said Level Up general manager Jake San Diego at the local launch event, explaining Strife?s ?Less grumble, more rumble? tagline for the Philippines.

?The game is like a basketball,? he said. ?You?re given all the tools necessary in the game and its up to the gamer how you want to play.?

Level Up! Games also held a special Strife exhibition match between professional League of Legends gaming teams Imperium Pro Team and Wargods during the launch event to give attendees a taste of Strife?s unique Moba gameplay.


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