Hair care among top searches for Pinoys, says Google

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Filipinos are displaying a rising interest on the topic of hair.

Google Trends results for the last two quarters show that the Philippines is second among its Southeast Asian neighbors when it comes to searches on Google on things about hair.

A TNS study in 2012 also reveals that Filipinos are turning online to look for the latest information in hair care products. According to the report, female internet users in Philippines used an average of 5 information sources online before making their hair care product purchase decision

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Different ?hairy? subjects included in the most popular search items on Google include the latest hairstyles from celebrities, treatments for damaged hair, and hair colors.

?Filipinos are paying more attention to their hair, spending time and effort online to scout different hair fixes and style inspirations. This list helps us visualize what particular topics keep people online, aiding marketers in gathering consumer interests so they can better strategize how to position their products,? said Ryan Morales, Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager.

According to Google, Filipinos were curious about trying on a new hairdo. ?Short haircut? topped the list of the most-searched hairstyles, followed by queries on the edgy ?undercut? that is shaved on sides and back.

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Filipinos are also hooked to follow the latest hair trends of celebrities, such as Sarah Geronimo?s cropped hair and the trendy do that One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik sports.

They also seem willing to explore new shades of hair, turning to the web for some hair color 101. Among the top hair colors that people searched for are ?ombre? and the soft yet daring pastel shades for their locks.

While some are playful, many still stick with safe colors like ?ash blonde,? ?chestnut brown? and ?light brown.? Filipinos also consider livening up their hairs with the bold, rich notes of ?burgundy? and ?red.?

Data also revealed that Filipinos don?t seem to keep an eye on their hair problems with passive acceptance.

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Searches like ?dry hair? and ?fly away hair? topped the list of hair nightmares people searched online, followed by concerns on ?brittle? and ?non-shiny hair.? Not to be stressed by unruly locks, Filipinos looked into hair treatments like ?neem leaves,? a herbal remedy that stimulates hair growth, and ?hot oil? to keep a smooth, healthy hair.

Covering troubled areas was also a hot topic for netizens. Besides asking causes of hair shedding, Internet users also looked at possible ?hair loss treatment,? ?hair grower? solutions, and even hair medical procedures such as ?hair transplant,? all to keep the crowning glory in place.

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