Globe recycles old phones to help build classrooms in Aklan

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Mobile carrier Globe Telecom is recycling old and discarded phones to help build classrooms in Aklan.

Aklan needs hundreds of classrooms to accommodate its student population which was displaced after schools were destroyed or damaged by Typhoon Haiyan almost a year ago.

Globe, a development partner for Aklan, committed to put up at least 40 school buildings in the province.

Globe is turning to recycling to help build classrooms in Aklan
Globe is turning to recycling to help build classrooms in Aklan

Donation bins for non-working phones and tablets, mobile phone batteries, and chargers are available at all participating Globe Stores in various parts of the country (for the complete list, please visit the Globe Telecom website ).

All devices and accessories that Globe will gather will be turned over to TES-AMM, an electronics waste recycler. TES-AMM will work on recovering precious metals and plastics from the recycled gadgets, proceeds of which will go to classroom construction.

Globe is set to build schools in two phases with the help of Habitat for Humanity and Ayala Foundation.

Aside from helping build classrooms, Globe further said its campaign is also meant to educate the populace on the importance of proper disposal of e-wastes.

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