Day: November 1, 2014

Abaya orders LTFRB to work with Uber, modernize transport rules

DOST secretary Jun Abaya and LTFRB officials will meet with Uber officers soon in an effort to modernize government?s regulatory function over vehicles for public use, in such a way that innovative solutions will be allowed to flourish, without sacrificing safety and security oversight functions.

Review | Seagate Wireless Plus external drive

The idea behind the Seagate Wireless Plus is simple: give consumers the option to expand their mobile storage up to two terabytes and also, have that storage shared by multiple devices.

Indonesian tech provider taps PH subsidiary for SEA market

CTI Group executives led by its chief executive officer, Harry Surjanto, formally announced the appointment of CTP on Tuesday, October 28, as a value-added distributor of tech vendors Thales, FireEye, Zscaler, Riverbed, and Dell.

NetSuite SuiteAcademy Program reaches 25,000 students worldwide

Cloud provider NetSuite has announced that the NetSuite SuiteAcademy Program, designed to train the business and IT leaders on NetSuite?s cloud business management platform via educational partnerships with universities and colleges worldwide, has reached more than 25,000 students across the US, Canada, the Philippines, Spain, and Germany since the program?s inception in 2011.

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