PLDT interconnects with Globe in Ilocos provinces, Zambales, Misamis Occidental

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Dominant carrier PLDT announced it has opened up interconnection links with rival Globe Telecom in four more provinces to allow free local calls between their subscribers.

ilocos region

Under the agreement, PLDT customers will be able to make local calls to Globelines subscribers for free by the end of the year in the following provinces: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Zambales, and Misamis Occidental.

?Our subscribers in Ilocos, Zambales, and Misamis Occidental will soon be able to call their friends, family members, and business associates within their provinces anytime, without worrying about long distance charges,? said PLDT spokesperson Ramon R. Isberto.

PLDT has business offices in these areas that serve walk-in telephone applicants, actual installation and repair, accepts bills payment, services report repairs, and billing concerns. It offers voice, video, and data or triple play services on a single internet protocol (IP) platform.

Isberto added that the IP backbone runs on PLDT?s Domestic Fiber Optic Network (DFON), the most extensive fiber optics network in the country ? now over 90,000 kilometers long ? which facilitates the direct transmission of the Internet data to our gateway, providing subscribers fast and reliable internet experience.

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