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Momentum of 11.4% growth in PH IT spending to continue in 2015

In line with an earlier forecast of analyst firm IDC, the IT industry in the Philippines is set to close the year of 2014 with a growth of 11.4 percent as compared to 2013.

PH IT psend 2014

The full-year growth is driven by strong consumer spending, healthy economic fundamentals, and the most recent credit grade improvement.

The total IT market will reach a full-year total of $6.76 billion, with hardware contributing 76 percent, software and services at 7 percent and 18 percent, respectively.

With the country’s GDP seen to grow at 6.3 percent in 2015, IDC believes the IT industry in 2015 will continue to ride the growth momentum recorded over the recent years.

The economic outlook for Philippines is underpinned by robust growth in domestic demand, strong infrastructure spending, and implementation of structural economic reforms.

“The ‘changing of the guards’ in the home front has deeply transformed IT spending habits that will cause a stronger demand for mobility, devices, services, and applications across the country. The increasing ICT demand from SMEs and continued strong BPO performance will also push ICT spending in 2015,” said Jubert Daniel Alberto, research manager and country lead for IDC Philippines.

The IT spending for 2015 in Philippines is looking at a healthy performance and is expected to reach 10.1 percent in growth. The strongest increase is in the area of smartphones followed by midrange enterprise servers, networking equipment, broad IT services and software needs.

Central to this development is the positive outlook in the country’s economic indicators and the vibrant spending from consumer sector that indicates an ongoing change in the nature of spending. Philippines has a large and growing working-age population and half of the population is under the age of 24.

IDC has found a huge majority of Philippines companies are looking to increase the ICT budget and spending in 2015. This shows a healthy sign for Philippines in the bigger scheme of things.

The ICT spending is expected to be heavily impacted by the ?3rd Platform? and usage of these technologies is being driven by the needs of companies seeking for new and effective ways for better engagement.

“While the country’s ICT spending may also be impacted by inhibiting factors such as natural disasters and port congestion, the effects of these will be limited in short-term period only. IDC believes the country’s rosy economic outlook, growing ICT demand from the consumer and SME sectors, and the increasing requirement for the 3rd platform technologies will shore up the Philippines ICT industry in 2015,” added Alberto.


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