Thursday, July 18, 2024

PLDT partners with Disney on multimedia content

PLDT Home Telpad has partnered with Disney Interactive. The carrier said the addition of Disney content to its portfolio followed the recently launched PLDT Home Telpad unit.

The newest version of the PLDT Telpad
The newest version of the PLDT Telpad

As the centerpiece of the connected home, the PLDT Telpad will serve as the family?s gateway to the magical world of Disney, the company said.

Children can select from hundreds of interactive content featuring their favorite Disney characters and parents who read bedtime stories to their kids can also now choose from an extensive selection of interactive e-books.

For new and current PLDT Home Telpad subscribers, the Disney experience at home will be made extra special with the limited edition Disney-branded Telpad units loaded with Disney themes and a pre-installed Disney widget wherein they can browse and download the multitude of Disney Android games to their units.

?For many kids and kids-at-heart, Disney stories have been a definitive part of our childhood memories, and we look forward to sharing that invaluable experience to our subscribers,? Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT executive vice president and head of home business, said.

?It is an honor for us to further solidify our leading Internet and multimedia platforms with a renowned global brand that shares our vision of enriching Filipino homes with family-friendly content.?

This partnership is part of the expanded multi-year, multi-platform partnership of the PLDT Group with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, through its digital entertainment arm Disney Interactive. PLDT Group provides Disney content to a combined 75 million mobile and broadband subscribers nationwide.


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