Sunday, May 26, 2024

Bam annoyed at delay of NTC circular on Internet speed

Sen. Paolo Benigno ?Bam? Aquino is demanding an explanation from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) as to why the agency has not yet issued the memorandum circular on the quality of Internet standards.

Sen. Bam Aquino
Sen. Bam Aquino

“Six months have passed since the NTC committed to come out with the memorandum circular but until now, the agency has yet to deliver on its promise,” said Aquino, chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

“The NTC must provide a detailed and acceptable report on its recent moves to improve the country’s Internet connection service as the approval of their 2016 budget heavily depends on that,” he added.

During one of the hearings earlier this year, the NTC promised to release a memorandum circular that will set Internet quality service in the country, including the minimum speed for broadband and DSL connections.

Six months after, the NTC has yet to deliver on its commitment, which Aquino described as detrimental to the welfare of millions of Internet user in the country.


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