Friday, May 31, 2024

Two fraudsters arrested for illegal sale of WiMax, LTE modems

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has apprehended and arrested two fraudsters for illegal sale of Globe Telecom WiMax and LTE modems.

A WiMax modem from Globe being sold at an online marketplace
A WiMax modem from Globe being sold at an online marketplace

A joint entrapment operation by Globe security and anti-fraud, and the PNP led to the arrest of Francis Alvin Dino aka ?Krishtrue Real Gan? and Don Roland Paul Caldimon aka ?Viruz? Cruz who were using these aliases and conducted their fraudulent activities in Facebook.

In their possession upon arrest were seven units of WiMax modems, 1 unit of LTE modem, and 1 unit of superhome phone.

?We remain firm and steadfast in our campaign against all types of fraud that take advantage of the company and our legitimate Globe customers. It is with great emphasis that we encourage everyone to only conduct transactions with legitimate sellers and distributors,? said Globe general legal counsel Froilan Castelo.

Since the start of Globe?s collaboration with the PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation, the joint task force now apprehended and arrested a total 66 cable thieves and fraudsters.

Twelve of such individuals were apprehended and are now facing prosecution for estafa due to illegal recontracting and subscription fraud, 31 for illegal sale of WiMax Modems, and 20 for cable theft and one for cyber fraud activities.

Castelo added, ?We assure the public that all efforts are set in place in ensuring that there be no repeat occurrence of these fraudulent acts. Also, be careful of people who offer Globe products and services at a cheaper price and shorter subscription periods, they bait you with such and leave you a lot of problems in the end.

Globe has installed the most-advanced closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in all Globe Stores nationwide. CCTV recordings will be used to present evidence in police investigations and legal prosecution against fraudulent activities such as identity theft where impostors steal personal information and assume the identity of other people for personal gain.


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