Thursday, February 22, 2024

HPG receives mobile app that gets accidents out of road fast

A local app developer, in partnership with a telco firm, has donated Android tablets to the Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National Police that would enable them to reduce the time to clear vehicular road accidents.

Photo credit: PNP
Photo credit: PNP

Galileo Software Services Inc., which developed the smartphone application called PARAK or Police Accident Report Kit, is partnering with a telecom service provider to initially donate eight Android tablets embedded with the 3G-enabled application.

The tablets with PARAK app were officially handed to CHPG?s director Chief Supt. Arnold Gunnacao by Galileo president Jun Lozada.

Six of the tables will be given to HPG traffic enforcers assigned in the six choke points along EDSA, with the remaining two to be used by roving HPG patrols.

The PARAK application automates the creation of an accident police report, including all the necessary photos that insurance companies require, using the gadget.

Statistics show that on average, about 25 to 60 vehicular traffic accidents occur daily along EDSA. This inevitably slows down traffic to a crawl, and contributes greatly to the congestion of this crucial urban artery especially during peak hours.

Lozada, known as the ZTE-NBN whistleblower, said, “One of the reasons why accidents take longer to be resolved and reported is that the law requires a police investigator to be at the scene of the accident to write down the report, draw sketches before the involved vehicles can be moved out of traffic.”

The police report and a photo of the incident are basic requirements of insurance companies for insured vehicle owner to file claims should lawsuits involved be pursued.

Lozada, who is an IT engineer, added that it takes about four hours to complete the whole reporting process the traditional way.

PARAK application digitizes the creation of the accident police report. These include generating the photos that insurance companies require, as well as signatures on documents which can be done on the spot.

The HPG can then use the 3G enabled tablets, which are connected to a central database, to upload all information garnered at the accident site immediately.

“The HPG traffic law enforcer only has to open the PARAK application from the tablet and does not need an Internet connection to document the report, that motorists involved in the accident can sign, which together with the pictures, can be emailed to the insurance company on the spot to file their claim,” Lozada said.

With the PARAK application, Lozada said the reporting will be reduced to between 4 to 10 minutes per accident.

Galileo is providing a short training to CHPG law enforcers who will be given the tablets with PARAK application to ensure they can easily run the program during road clearing due to vehicular accident.

“This [PARAK application] is a very useful tool to help our unit manage traffic flow, especially during minor road mishaps; it is applicable in any part of the country where traffic congestion is an issue,” Gunnacao said.

The application also drew favorable reaction from motorists who are keen on getting a version of PARAK so they can use it as well in the event they get involved in road accidents.

Lozada said they are considering on developing similar application for motorists? use.


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