Kaspersky Lab touts privacy features of updated solutions for consumers

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Security firm Kaspersky Lab recently unveiled its new set of flagship security solutions equipped with updated privacy features aimed at protecting the private lives of local Internet users.

Sanjeev Nair, corporate communications manager of Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia, explains to the media the updated features of Kaspersky Lab?s latest line of flagship security solutions
Sanjeev Nair, corporate communications manager of Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia, explains to the media the updated features of Kaspersky Lab?s latest line of flagship security solutions

Equipped with enhanced privacy features, the latest versions Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS), Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) and Kaspersky Internet Security ? Multi-Device (KIS-MD) are developed specifically to protect what matters most to users: their privacy, data, identity, money, and the device itself.

The new solutions include updated technologies ensuring that users are protected whatever they do on their devices online and whichever platforms they choose: Windows, OS X or Android.

?Active Filipino Internet users now go by the millions. Whether we admit it or not, going online and depending on the Internet and our devices means it is likely that we?ll lose a certain portion of our personal privacy,? said Jimmy Fong, channel sales director of Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia.

?We, at Kaspersky Lab, understand this so these products are continuously being improved to help Internet users be able to diligently protect what they value most ? their personal data and privacy — from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.?

Kaspersky Lab?s Consumer IT Security Risks Survey 2015 showed the number of Internet users who are concerned about their online privacy has significantly increased from last year.

Seventy percent of users are concerned that someone could gain access to their personal files, 61% worry that there may be programs on their devices collecting information about them, and 49% do not trust their own webcams ? the cameras are known to be frequently used to spy on device owners.

?These current issues need to be addressed with new security solutions that can ensure the privacy and protection of every online user. With this in mind, Kaspersky Lab incorporated its latest privacy protection technologies to its best-selling consumer suite,? he added.

Kaspersky Lab?s security product suites have updated privacy features that include: Private Browsing, Change Control, Privacy Cleaner and Webcam protection.

Social networks, advertising, and analytical agencies often request information about users? browser activities, their locations, search history etc. They access this information via the browser and can resell it, and use it to show contextually targeted advertising to the user.

Private Browsing removes such data from the Internet traffic and reports any blocked requests to the user via a dedicated plugin (which is available for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome).

Kaspersky Lab?s technology is different from other tools incorporated into browsers: the product does more than preventing users from being identified via cookie files, or warning sites that it does not wish to transmit data that could track users; it actually guarantees that this data will not leave the device.

It is also common for additional extensions to be incorporated on the user?s device without the user?s knowledge when freeware is installed. Those changes could affect the browser homepage and default search engine, or install extra plugins and/or extensions.

Also, network and system configurations could be modified without the device owner?s consent. All these elements potentially encroach on user privacy, since some plugins and extensions may also collect information about users and their online behavior and use it for different purposes.

Change Control detects any process attempting to introduce such changes, reports that to the user and asks for the process to be expressly permitted, or blocked.

In addition, the updated Privacy Cleaner tool helps remove all traces of user activity from a Windows computer, including the browser history, the list of the latest documents opened.

In turn, the Webcam Protection feature prevents the interception of images from the webcam, notifies users when it is accessed by legitimate applications and gives the opportunity to block all access to the camera.

The company noted, however, that Change Control, Privacy Cleaner and Webcam Protection features are available only for KIS and KIS MD.

KAV, on the other hand, delivers essential protection against all types of malware. As the backbone of a PC?s defenses, it safeguards the unit from viruses, spyware, worms, and among other threats.
The suggested retail prices of Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi Device are as follows:

? KIS 1-user: P990
? KAV 1-user: P760 / 3-user: P1,420
? KIS-MD 1-user: P1,98

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