Stand-alone digital library deployed in Lobo, Batangas

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The Department of Science and Technology?s (DOST) recently deployed its stand-alone digital library ? the Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Station (Starbooks) ? in Lobo, Batangas.


Developed by experts from DOST- Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII), Starbooks contains books, magazines, journals, scientific and research papers, livelihood videos, and Britannica Ultimate Encyclopedia which covers topics on S&T.

The Lobo Library Hub is the newest addition to the growing list of recipients of Starbooks. Situated at the vicinity of Lobo Elementary School, the Library Hub is a project of the Department of Education (DepEd) for the district of Lobo.

The turnover and orientation session of Starbooks at Lobo Library Hub was done through the initiative of DOST Region 4A, as part of their education and literacy intervention under the Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (CEST), implemented together with the water ceramic filter demonstration and distribution for the residents of Lobo last October 14, 2015.

?With Starbooks, I can now accommodate the needs of the high school students and other researchers who visit our library for resources. Usually whenever they visit here (at the library hub), I can only give them encyclopedias as reference since most of our books are for grade school students,? said Connie De Torres, librarian of Lobo Library Hub.

According to Lobo municipality administrator Bergilio R. Manalo, DOST?s digital library is a big help to the people, especially to the students, of the province.

?To be successful in life, education is a very important factor. And we are thankful to DOST for always helping and supporting the community of our municipality, not only for our living, but also, now, for our education sector,? Manalo added.

The Starbooks orientation session was attended by officials and employees of Lobo, as well as elementary and high school teachers and students from different schools around the district of Lobo.

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