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Science party-list group commends inventor of saltwater lamp

Party-list group Agham (Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya para sa Mamamayan) has commended local scientist Aisa Mijeno for her invention of a lamp powered by saline solution.

salt lamps

Agham is a non-government organization pushing for the development of science and technology and application of research and development outputs in various economic sectors of the country.

Mijeno, a computer engineer and an environment advocate, is a faculty member of the Engineering Department of De La Salle University-Lipa. She was featured in the recently concluded APEC 2015 conference in Manila, with US president Barrack Obama lauding her innovation.

As an active member of Greenpeace Philippines, Mijeno said her invention provides a lighting option that is cost effective, more safe, more sustainable, and environment friendly.

The lamp costs P100 and can operate for eight hours straight on glass of water mixed with tablespoonful of salt.

Agham president Angelo B. Palmones said Mijeno?s invention addresses climate change concerns and the lack of electricity in some far-flung communities in the country.

?The invention is not only simple and affordable, but it has a great impact to the environment and the lives of community people. Mijeno?s work is a good example of technology application solving everyday problems,? Palmones added.

Palmones was a member of the House of Representatives in 2010-2013, as the representative of the science and technology sector under Agham Party List, which has joined the 2016 elections.

Agham priorities for 2016 include :

1) Space Program for faster Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity and better aerial survey of the environment, weather, and for national security;

2) Support for science-based small and medium enterprises;

3) Development of the bamboo industry which important resource for the protection of the environment, industry and livelihood development;

4) Food security bills that will support attainment of rice sufficiency for the country;

5) Sustainable forest management and biodiversity for protection of the environment and the development of community-based forest enterprises; and

6) Climate change adaptation and mitigation and disaster preparedness program, like the rescue Olympics and the continuation of the offering of the BS Meteorology program. — Vicky B. Bartilet


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