House bill seeks creation of database of medical and dental records for students

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A lawmaker has filed a bill requiring elementary and secondary schools to maintain medical and dental records of their students.


In House Bill 6277, Quezon City representative Alfredo D. Vargas III said one of the key features of a child-friendly school is the ability to track and assess individual students in terms of inclusion, health, development, protection, learning barriers, learning achievements, and special needs.

“It is of utmost importance that schools monitor and evaluate not only the academic activity of their students but also their total well-being,” Vargas said.

Under the measure, all public and private elementary and secondary schools will be required to have a database of their students medical and dental records upon the students entrance in schools.

An examination and health history of any child may be required by the local school authorities at any time at their discretion to promote the educational interests of the child, the measure provides.

The proposed law requires each certificate of medical or dental record be signed by a duly licensed physician, physical assistant, or nurse practitioner, and an authorized to practice in the jurisdiction in which the examination was given.

Each certificate of medical or dental record will describe the condition of the student when the examination was made which will not be more than 12 months prior to the commencement of the school year in which the examination is required.

The student has the choice to submit his medical and dental certificate, which came from a legitimate source or be examined by the medical practitioner assigned in the school where he is to be enrolled.

Unless accommodated on religious grounds, the principal or authorized school official will serve a notice to the students’ parents or guardian requiring the physical and dental examination.

No medical or dental examination, or health history shall be required from students on the grounds that such examination or health history may conflict with their genuine and sincere religious belief.

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