Thursday, July 18, 2024

PLDT lures PH firms with new hashtag hotline #MyNumber service

Telecom behemoth PLDT, through its corporate business group PLDT Alpha Enterprise, has introduced the PLDT #MyNumber (hashtag MyNumber), which makes business hotlines easier to remember and accessible to consumers nationwide.

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The #MyNumber service simplifies the hotline system of any business to a single, easy-to-remember four to eight-digit contact number beginning with the hash sign or pound key (e.g. #8888). This single number is accessible to consumers nationwide through PLDT landlines, Smart, Talk N? Text, and Sun mobile subscribers.

It solves the problem where businesses promote several hotline numbers for different regions into one central number for all their consumers in the country. These enterprise organizations can replace their existing roster of contact numbers for different stores and/or area codes with one nationwide contact number.

?Having a simple, easy-to-remember hotline number is a very effective customer engagement tool for a lot of enterprises, especially for service-oriented industries such as fast food, banking, and logistics. PLDT #MyNumber can drive sales, build your brand, and enhance the overall customer experience with a unique, singular hashtag number accessible nationwide,? said PLDT first vice president and head of PLDT Alpha Enterprise Jovy Hernandez.

The solution enables an enterprise organization to receive more calls from customers. Whether the customer is calling from Metro Manila or other parts of the country, all PLDT landline calls from customer to hotline are free of charge while 75 million Smart, Talk ?N Text, and Sun mobile subscribers can also access PLDT #MyNumber and enjoy a lower per-minute cost for their calls (compared to conventional mobile to landline cost). Call costs are covered by the company operating the hotline.


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