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Review | Samsung SUHD KS7000 Series 7 smart TV

By Charlemagne Losaria

Television, now more than ever, plays a huge role in a person?s life. We use it to get the latest news, entertain our guests, and more recently, connect with people via the internet.


Samsung?s latest smart TV offering is the SUHD TV series. For those who are wondering, SUHD stands for Super Ultra High Definition and it does truly lives up to its name. This review is for the 55-inch version.


The SUHDTV is a very sleek TV. It has a very thin frame and the screen bezels are almost non-existent. The Samsung logo emits white LED light when the TV is turned on.


Samsung is no stranger in providing the best displays for mobile phones and TV. The SUHD TV is capable of displaying 8 million pixels, which is up to four-times the resolution a standard Full HD TV.

Samsung infused the SUHDTV with increased level of brightness, but with deeper contrast allowing users to perceive even the smallest of details not seen on conventional TV. Users are treated to an experience like no other with the life-like colors being displayed, thanks to the eco-friendly Quantum Dot Technology. This allows the SUHD TV to show up to 64x the color expression of conventional TV, offering a wider color gamut.


Screen glares or reflections are a nuisance and may hinder enjoyable experience, especially when watching a movie in daytime. The SUHD TV?s display has been created with low reflectivity in mind. Dubbed as ?Moth Eye? technology, the SUHD absorbs incoming light but limits reflections, allowing users to enjoy even in a room with a light source.

On top of that, Samsung was able to integrate a re-mastering engine, which automatically analyzes and up-scales non-SUHD content, so it displays as close to SUHD quality as possible.

Samsung mobiles are noted for having AMOLED displays. Just like their mobile counterpart, the SUHDTV has deep blacks and light bleeds seen on edges suffered by most brands are non-existent on the SUHD TV.

Smart TV features

? As a Smart TV, the following are notable features of the SUHD TV

? Users get to sync the TV with a Samsung Mobile devices. Sharing content is seamless

? Utilize the TV as an alarm. There is an option to tune in to a TV channel, or set it to display important items like time, weather and daily schedule (if synced with phone).

? The SUHD TV has a built-in web browser, allowing users to gain access to social media sites and video sites like Netflix and YouTube once connected to the internet.

? Split screen technology, do two things simultaneously.

? Infused with Tizen OS powered by a quad core processor ensures faster boot and reaction times.

? Built-in apps and fast content streaming.

? Built-in Music and Video Player with eye catching, flat interface.

? Configurable display and sound set-up.



The SUHD TV packs a lot of feature and provides unmatched viewing experienced while looking great in a sleek frame. If you have the extra dough, the Samsung SUHD TV is a welcome addition to your home.


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