Monday, July 15, 2024

Re-filed House bill wants online sites covered under Press Freedom Law

A lawmaker has re-filed a bill seeking to amend Republic Act 53 or the Press Freedom Law of 1946, which exempts only the publisher, editor, or duly accredited reporter of print media from revealing the source of news report or information.


Cebu City representative Raul Del Mar said the still unnumbered bill aims to widen the coverage of the Press Freedom Law to include journalists from broadcast, news agencies, and internet publications.

?The explanation is that when the law was passed, electronic journalism was virtually non-existent, the news or wire agencies still had to be developed and recognized, and the internet was not even a dream,? said Del Mar.

Under the proposed bill, a duly accredited journalist of any legitimate print, broadcast, internet or wire service organization, station or network cannot be compelled to reveal the source of any news item, news report or information, appearing or being reported.

Del Mar said the identity of sources of a confidential news report or information must be protected, otherwise the spring of data for new or commentary dries up and the mission of the press to check and balance and expose wrongdoing is impeded.

?The proposed amendment will not only strengthen confidence in other journalists but will also recognize the important role that they play in the building of community and nation,? Del Mar added.

The bill said journalists engaged by legitimate media companies shall be deemed accredited journalists.

They include the bureau chief, editor, news editor, writer, reporter, correspondent, opinion columnist or commentator, cartoonist, photographer or other practitioner involved in the gathering, writing, editing of or commenting in the news for mass circulation.


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