Hopeful of its promise, LG brings OLED 4K TV to local shores

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By Edd K. Usman

South Korean technology giant LG Electronics has introduced in the Philippines its OLED (organic light-emitting diode) 4K television set, confident that the new technology will soon dominate the local TV industry.

LG oled1

With the birth of the OLED 4K TV, the consumer electronics firm said it has now crafted a new category of TV ? a “unique technology” that was inspired by “fireflies in a pitch-dark night.”

LG Philippines demonstrated its OLED 4K TV to members of the local IT media recently at Raffles Hotel in Makati City. Company executives stressed that OLED TV is a superior technology than LED (light-emitting diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display)-based TV sets.

The official said OLED 4K TV is better in the following aspects: perfect viewing angle from any direction, viewers can experience over a billion colors, armed with future-ready picture technology, and has full sounds but with less clutter.

The OLED technology works by using self-lighting pixels that can produce perfect blacks, perfect colors, and perfect contrast that eliminate the need for bulky lighting, LG said.

Although LG’s OLED 4K TV had already earned awards from the industry, LG Philippines vice president for home entertainment Tony An said the recognitions will only spur the company to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.

“Having our efforts and products recognized inspire us to continue working on innovations that will challenge and change the world?s tech landscape,? An said.

An sees OLED as the wave of the future. “OLED is definitely shaping the future of TV technology. Its capability to create perfect blacks that reveal the colors of perfect nature is changing how we see the world,” he said.

The company explained that OLED 4K TV is not a new line of TV, but a category of its own, adding the unique technology makes other TVs ?mere history.”

But being a new technology, OLED 4K TV is still expensive with LG selling its units at the following prices: P349,990 for the 65-inch E6; P299,990 for the 65-inch C6; P249,990 for the 65-inch B6; and P149,990 for the 55-inch B6.

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