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CSC to pilot HR information system first tested in Agusan del Sur

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) first implemented in the province of Agusan del Sur will be adopted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for nationwide implementation.

Agusan del Sur governor Adolph Edward G. Plaza (left, standing) sealing the deal with CSC chair Alicia dela Rosa-Bala
Agusan del Sur governor Adolph Edward G. Plaza (left, standing) sealing the deal with CSC chair Alicia dela Rosa-Bala

This after the CSC and the provincial government of Agusan del Sur signed on Monday, Aug. 8, an agreement allowing the CSC to pilot-run the automated system.

The provincial government of Agusan del Sur first utilized the system through the assistance of the Philippines-Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF).

?I am happy that our success story has finally been given attention,? said Agusan del Sur governor Adolph Edward G. Plaza. ?We are happy that this will be piloted in the CSC. Pag dito na tumakbo sa CSC, dito na ito pupuntahan ng ibang national line agencies that really need this system to be more efficient.?

According to CSC chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala, the project implementation will allow the agency to create a ?model? which the rest of the bureaucracy can replicate or follow. ?Finally, my dream of having an HRIS in the bureaucracy is coming true,? said dela Rosa-Bala.

The official said the memorandum of agreement also allows the CSC to add some features that are not currently used in the system. She assured the HRIS will be operational by June 2017.

In preparation for the rollout, she said the agency will soon be conducting training and orientation seminars. ?We do believe that HRIS will enhance the human resource management system in the bureaucracy,? dela Rosa-Bala said, adding it can reduce pen and paper use in the government.

Furthermore, she said the automated system will allow the CSC to become more efficient and enable the agency to focus its attention on enhancing human resource and organization development in the CSC and in the bureaucracy.

Milalin S. Javellana, facility director at PAHRODF, said it is high time for the CSC to have its own computerized system, being the HR agency of the government.

Javellana said it was good that the HRIS is now being scaled up and adopted by the CSC, noting that new modules can be easily added to suit the requirements of the agencies in the government.

She revealed the HRIS has been deployed before in other government offices like the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) but got little support from top officials. Javellana said that full government support is needed to make the system work.

The HRIS is designed to support human resource management (HRM) functions. It can merge different human resource processes to increase efficiency in recruitment, placement and selection, performance management, and rewards and recognition.

It features a biometric information system, which establishes records of employee work hours and prevents punching in for someone out of work. Its attendance monitoring system determines whether an employee is actually present in the workplace at any given time.

It also has a file manager, appointment information system, and payroll management system to improve efficiency and minimize errors common with manual data entry.

Through its online file management system, information can be generated on a particular person, payroll information can be streamlined, and data can be aggregated for specific purposes such create a report about the office?s demographics. — PNA


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