Wednesday, June 19, 2024

From traditional software to cloud, Oracle says it’s got it all

From its lofty stature as one of the world?s biggest software vendors, Oracle is also now a major purveyor of cloud computing.

Oracle Philippines country managing director Mina Lim
Oracle Philippines country managing director Mina Lim

One key indication of its cloud ambitions is its recent purchase of cloud-based ERP vendor NetSuite for $9.3 billion. Incidentally, NetSuite has a large number of employees in the Philippines as the country serves as the regional hub in Asia Pacific.

Oracle Philippines managing director Mina Lim, in a recent press briefing, sought to reinforce the company?s cloud stock even as she said that Oracle still offers the traditional software familiar to most users.

?The unique preposition of Oracle is that we can move workloads between on-premise and the cloud. We have the tools and the products to support it. You can just lift and shift your data into the cloud,? she said.

Lim said Oracle has all the bases covered ? from the infrastructure to the platform to the application. She said the company has gathered the necessary ingredients to make its cloud strategy successful.

“Wherever you are in your journey: whether you are staying on-premise or is going to the cloud, we?ll be there for you. We use the same technology for on-premise and the cloud,” she said.

Recently, Oracle introduced an array of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings in the industry, which include bare metal cloud servers that are said to be 11.5X faster and 20-percent cheaper than the fastest solution in the market.

The new additions to the Oracle Cloud Platform allow customers to get multi-tenant and single-tenant environments and include Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, Oracle Ravello Cloud Service, Oracle Container Cloud Service, and enhancements to existing Oracle Cloud services.

Oracle said that while the business benefits of the public cloud are increasingly clear, firms face a myriad of concerns that mean they can?t abandon all of their existing IT practices and move all workloads to the cloud.

The latest enhancements to Oracle?s IaaS portfolio, the company said, help organizations address this challenge by providing the ability to harness the benefits of cloud while retaining many of the benefits provided by a corporate data center through the cloud.


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