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Akamai Q1 report: PH still has slowest Internet speed in Asia Pacific

The “State of the Internet Report” for the first quarter of 2017 from tech firm Akamai Technologies showed that the Philippines has retained its dubious title as the country with the slowest Internet speed in Asia Pacific at 5.5 Mbps.

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If there?s any consolation, India, which ranked slightly ahead of the Philippines in the list with a 6.5 Mbps Internet speed, posted the lowest average peak connection at 41.4 Mbps. The Philippines, on the other hand, had a 4.5 Mbps average peak speed. (Related: Akamai report in Q4 shows PH has slowest Internet in Asia Pacific)

Like in the previous quarter, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore again led the fastest Internet speeds in the region with 28.6 Mbps, 21.9 Mbps, and 20.3 Mbps, respectively.

Local operator Globe Telecom, in a statement, noted that the average fixed broadband speed in the Philippines was up 20% QoQ (quarter-on-quarter) and 57% YoY (year-on-year).

The country also registered the strongest growth in Asia Pacific region in terms of ?above 4 Mbps connectivity adoption? at 39% adoption rate, growing 26% QoQ and 111% YoY, Globe said.

The Ayala-led telco said higher bandwidth adoption rates also more than tripled from 2016.

For above 10 Mbps connectivity adoption, the country showed a 11% adoption, growing by 55% QoQ and a remarkable 330% YoY. For 15 Mbps connectivity adoption rate, the Philippines showed steady improvement at 3.6 % adoption, up 52% QoQ and 373% YoY, according to Globe.

?Increases in connection speeds and broadband penetration have helped enable the Internet to support levels of traffic that even just a few years ago would have been unimaginable,? said David Belson, editor of the State of the Internet Report.

Global average and peak connection speeds and global broadband adoption

? Global average connection speed was 7.2 Mbps (an increase of 15% year over year).

? Global average peak connection speed increased 28% year over year to 44.6 Mbps in the first quarter.

? South Korea again had the highest average connection speed globally at 28.6 Mbps in the first quarter.

? Singapore had the highest peak connection speed at 184.5 Mbps in the first quarter.

? Global 4, 10, 15 and 25 Mbps broadband adoption rates increased 13%, 29%, 33% and 42% year over year, respectively.


? Average mobile connection speeds ranged from a high of 26 Mbps in the United Kingdom to a low of 2.8 Mbps in Venezuela

? Germany had the highest peak mobile connection speed at 200 Mbps in the first quarter.

? Among the qualifying surveyed countries/regions, 37 had an average mobile connection speed at or exceeding the 10 Mbps broadband threshold (up from 30 in the previous quarter), while 70 achieved average speeds at or above the 4 Mbps broadband level (up from 58).


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