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Samsung PH launches Smart Classroom in Camarines Sur

The local subsidiary of Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has launched its latest Smart Classroom in Tagontong, Goa, Camarines Sur.

Students at Philippine Science High School in Bicol use Samsung tablets to prompt discussions in class.
Students at Philippine Science High School in Bicol use Samsung tablets to prompt discussions in class

The new space at the Philippine Science High School-Bicol Region (PSHS-BRC) is the tech giant?s 15th site in its continuing efforts to develop exceptional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students. This is also the fourth time that Samsung collaborated with Philippine Science High School Foundation, Inc. (PSHS-FI).

The Samsung Smart Classroom program aims to enhance the quality of education via technology. The brand equips public and rural high schools with state-of-the-art devices, such as Galaxy tablets and Samsung LED screens, furnished with modules from e-learning content developer FrontLearners, to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Samsung's Smart Classroom provide an interactive environment for enhanced learning.
Samsung’s Smart Classroom provide an interactive environment for enhanced learning

?While the PSHS system is known for producing some of our most gifted scientists, its Bicol campus boasts an impressive robotics and research program that is recognized regionally, and internationally,? says Twyla David, Head of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung. ?Through this program, we want to help PSHS-BRC develop competent STEM graduates that contribute not only to the development of their region, but the whole nation.?

To demonstrate the functionality of the classroom, the school conducted interactive physics lectures led by Glaiza Reobilo, a Physics teacher at PSHS-BRC. The school plans to use the classroom for technical electives such as computer-aided design, electronics, microprocessing, and programming.

More than providing access to information, the Galaxy tablets also expedite discussions, particularly in methodology-based subjects.

In programming and mathematics, for example, checking the solution is as important as getting the right answer. A Samsung Smart Classroom setup enables teachers to access their students? work via wirelessly connected tablets. They can highlight parts of a student?s solution or code, for instance, and flash it on a big LED screen for the whole class to discuss. Questions can also be inputted on the devices for the teacher to facilitate and display on the board.

?Our country is in dire need of more competent scientists,? said Elsie Ferrer, campus director of PSHS-BRC. ?Bicol, for example, is a hotbed for natural disasters ? yearly typhoons, earthquakes, floods, among others. Our local government units encourage schools to create solutions centered on disaster management. That is one important field that our future scientists can contribute to.

?We are grateful that Samsung continues to provide us with a fully digital educational experience. This will help in upholding our track record of mentoring the next generation?s thinkers, scientists, and innovators. We are looking forward to more partnerships with them,? says Ferrer.

The Samsung Smart Classroom launch in PSHS-BRC strengthens Samsung?s drive to be a global leader in technology and innovation, improving the lives of its consumers in every way.


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