Thursday, April 18, 2024

Globe touts new solution as game-changer for corporate data network

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

Globe Telecom?s business unit has launched what it said is the ?game changer? for corporate data network to allow businesses become globally competitive, especially those with branch offices in remote areas.

Globe Telecom chief technology and information officer Gil Genio

Unveiled on February 13 at a media launch dubbed ?Move Better? at the Globe Tower in Taguig City was the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), a future-ready private cloud-based technology using a plug and play box which is easy to install and configure with fixed broadband connectivity.

Globe SD-WAN works hand in hand with companies? existing Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) connections, allowing them to immediately respond to their customers? needs.

It can also reroute traffic automatically, enabling enterprises to better manage their corporate networks, especially those running across multiple sites.

Globe?s technology and information officer Gil Genio explained: ?It solves the problem of having to master some of the technicalities of routing, about all sorts of different boxes including firewalls and routers at each and every office.

?And sometimes there are different brands, and you have to worry about hardware, software licenses, licenses for those boxes. If you?re managing a corporate network, you also have to figure out, ?How do I give priority to certain applications? What if I?m managing links coming from two service providers???

All of these challenges are eliminated, simplified and consolidated, according to Genio.

?Your gateway, that single piece of hardware in your branch office, will just manage the traffic according to central rules that you put on your central management portal,? he said, referring to SD-WAN.

Companies with SD-WAN can therefore benefit from its promise of business continuity. A bank, for example, can prevent operational stoppage and customer service disruption in the case of a link among its network connections breaking down.

The bank?s real-time applications will go on running by using up bandwith from the other connections to the bank?s multiple branches and automated teller machines.

?We truly believe that with this, we will be able to play our part in terms of really catapulting the Philippines to its rightful place as far as the economic markets are concerned,? said Albert de Larrazabal, Globe chief commercial officer.

SD-WAN may also be used to re-route video conferencing calls, emails, live video streaming, and other such activities.

Globe?s latest technology is available in four product variants:

? Flexconnect, for companies with Globe IP-VPN service, direct Internet/Business DSL, or 3rd party Internet;

? VPN Expand, for those with HQ and multi-site branches which have Globe IP-VPN service and are expanding to areas with Globe Business DSL only;

? E-LAN Lite for companies whose multi-site branches do not have Globe IP-VPN service but have Globe Business DSL facilities in common; and

? E-Line Lite, for businesses requiring point-to-point IP-VPN connection in areas with only Globe Business DSL.


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