Oracle says AI will form backbone of its cloud-based apps

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Cloud heavyweight Oracle has declared that artificial intelligence (AI) will become the bedrock of its applications as it recently introduced the integration of AI in its cloud platform.

Kirsten Gilbertson, director for cloud platform and infrastructure business development at Oracle

The US tech titan asserted that AI is driving innovation across industries and it only proper that the company make it as the centerpriece of its strategy.

Thus, the company recently launched the world’s first autonomous data warehouse, which it said is a next-generation cloud service built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology that uses machine learning to deliver ?groundbreaking performance, utmost reliability, and ease of deployment?.

In a recently concluded small group discussion, Kirsten Gilbertson, director for cloud platform and infrastructure business development at Oracle, emphasized that AI underpins key trends which include machine learning and blockchain technology.

Gilbertson said one of the things that Oracle is now focusing on is the integration of AI into all of its cloud-based applications.

With Oracle building its technology around AI and machine learning becoming the next big thing after the Internet itself, she said it is no longer surprising to see every software to have machine learning and AI.

“For us, machine learning is embedded into our software and it?s part of our AI platform that helps provide the capability in our applications,” said Gilbertson during the discussion.

Gilbertson said AI and blockchain are integrated into Oracle?s full solution portfolio, boosting its capacity to protect customers against threats and data attacks.

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