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Mobile analytics firm cites Smart for ‘fastest LTE network’ in PH

Mobile analytics firm OpenSignal has recognized Smart Communications for having the country?s fastest LTE network, giving the company four citations including best in 4G LTE download speed; best in overall download speed; best 4G latency performance; and best 3G latency performance in its March 2018 report.

Photo shows (from left) Andy Burns, OpenSignal chief operating officer; Ralph Brunner, PLDT and Smart chief customer experience and data analytics advisor; Eric R. Alberto, PLDT Group chief revenue officer; Joachim Horn, PLDT and Smart chief technology and information advisor; and Brendan Gil, OpenSignal chief executive officer

The OpenSignal State of Mobile Networks: Philippines report, which covers the months of November 2017 to January 2018, noted Smart LTE speeds outpaced its competition?s with download speeds of 12.5MBps ? significantly faster than its rival?s 7.69MBps.

?With tested speeds of 12.5 Mbps, Smart won the OpenSignal award for 4G download speeds, making it the third time it has done so. The operator is pulling away from its sole competitor in this category,? OpenSignal noted in its report.

The latest OpenSignal report found Smart LTE speeds superior across all measured areas, such as in the National Capital Region (13.04 Mbps vs competition?s 8.57 Mbps), North Central Luzon (11.59 Mbps vs 6.34 Mbps), South Luzon (11.66 Mbps vs 7.03 Mbps), Visayas (13.49 Mbps vs 7.37 Mbps), and Mindanao (14.42 Mbps vs 7.38 Mbps).

To put things into perspective, top streaming apps like iflix and Netflix recommend download speeds of at least 5Mbps for watching on High-Definition or HD resolution seamlessly ? way within the performance of Smart LTE.

Moreover, a 2017 OpenSignal blog post also noted that top mobile games like Clash Royale, Critical Ops, Mobile Legends, and Super Mario Run require download speeds of at least 2Mbps for an awesome gaming experience.

After taking into consideration both its 4G and 3G download performance, OpenSignal also cited Smart for best overall download speed average in the country at 5.8Mbps versus competition?s 4.4Mbps.

The firm also evaluated the network?s latency, or the amount of time a data is exchanged through the network, determining its responsiveness.

Measured in milliseconds (ms), a lower latency score is a sign of a more responsive network, which is critical for lag-free mobile gaming.

Smart came ahead in 4G latency, rating at 47.21ms, quicker than the competition?s 60.7ms. The abovementioned 2017 OpenSignal blog post noted that a maximum latency of 50ms is required for an ?awesome experience? in playing top mobile games like Clash Royale, Critical Ops, Mobile Legends, and Super Mario Run.

On the other hand, Smart?s 3G latency also fared better at 154.64ms, compared to its rival?s 174.98ms.

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