Monday, April 22, 2024

Maynilad partners with Waze for data on road closures

Water concessionaire Maynilad Water Services has announced its partnership with Waze to mitigate the impact of the water company?s activities on traffic flow in the metropolis.

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Through Waze’s “Connected Citizens Program” (CCP), Maynilad will be uploading real-time data regarding its road-digging activities, including projects that may require road closures, to the Waze Map.

The initiative is expected to promote better road safety and traffic flow, as drivers who use the Waze app can avoid possible traffic buildup near Maynilad worksites.

“We strive to alleviate the effect of our roadworks activities on the motoring public. Through this partnership with Waze, we can empower drivers by providing real-time information about Maynilad roadworks that will allow them to better plan their daily routes,” said Maynilad CEO and president Ramoncito S. Fernandez.


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